Shigeo Nakamura appeared on Japanese TV show

Shigeo Nakamura appeared on Japanese TV show “Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)” 20th anniversary project entitled “Maverick confronts Japan’s crisis”

Rare metals are used in EVs = electric vehicles and other vehicles towards decarbonization However Japan relies on imports as it lacks resources

With resource prices soaring due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Japan also depends on Russia for much of its rare metals sourcing. Mr Shigeo Nakamura, former president of a trading company specialized in rare metals, whom TV Tokyo interviewed in 2004, stood up to this crisis. In June, he headed for Kazakhstan in Central Asia. A place where Russia and China are competing to expand their influence. What can Japan do?” The “maverick” Mr Nakamura negotiates one after another in the region. The results are astonishing.