Securing Rare Metals 
We aim to be a bridge between resource-rich countries and Japan to meet the national interest of both ends

Our Business

Through consultancy and technical support Re: resources development mainly in the Central Asia we would like to address the following.

  • Acceleration of global efforts towards “decarbonization” and measures to counter an increasing demand of the renewable energy
  • Rare-earth-related trends: contribution to countries in anticipation of increased demand for green technology
  • Measures to securing LIB resources in line with increased EV sales
  • On the environmental front, the government is aiming for 60% of the world’s vehicle sales to be EVs by 2030, and for the world’s electricity sector to be CO2 emission-free by 2040
  • Contribution to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions in the global power sector by 2040.


Spent over 30 years with Chori Corporation being a buyer for rare metals and then 20 years with AMJ, a rare metal specialized trading house which I founded from 2004

After running the company for 20 years I established UMC Resources in August 2022 with the aim to develop resource business in Central Asia.
I have been engaged in rare metal business mainly in China, Russia and the Central Asia and as a result, I visited 116 countries in total. Japan lacks rare metal inventories and thus necessary to secure resources, including precious metals to meet the industry needs. We aim to be a bridge between resource-rich countries and Japan to meet the national interest of both ends

UMC Corporation
Shigeo Nakamura

Shigeo Nakamura

Best known as his nickname “Rare Metal King” in Japan Mr. Nakamura has spent over 50 years in rare metal business worldwide through his tenures at Chori, one of the largest trading houses in Japan and most recently with Advanced Material Japan, a company he founded and successfully grew to a USD500m company. He retired as of June 2022, yet the outbreak of war in Ukraine made him decide to return to his own battlefield again. He started UMC Resources with a vision to help develop the mineral resources in Kyrgyz Republic and later export to Japan, a win-win formula. His challenge just took off the ground, which was televised by TV Tokyo and is looking for supports to make another success, this time for the benefit of Japan and our ally Kyrgyz Republic.
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日経スペシャル ガイアの夜明け

Shigeo Nakamura appeared on Japanese TV show “Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)”
20th anniversary project entitled “Maverick confronts Japan’s crisis”

Rare metals are used in EVs = electric vehicles and other vehicles towards decarbonization However Japan relies on imports as it lacks resources

With resource prices soaring due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Japan also depends on Russia for much of its rare metals sourcing. Mr Shigeo Nakamura, former president of a trading company specialized in rare metals, whom TV Tokyo interviewed in 2004, stood up to this crisis.
In June, he headed for Kazakhstan in Central Asia. A place where Russia and China are competing to expand their influence. What can Japan do?” The “maverick” Mr Nakamura negotiates one after another in the region. The results are astonishing.

※Cited from: BS TV Tokyo, Back Number 1028, broadcasted 19 August 2022.

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Company UMC Ltd. (Urban Mines Co.,Ltd.)
Address 6F Verdi Hongo, 4-1-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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Establishment 1 September 2006
Name change 1 April 2010
Capital amount 8 million yen
Executives Mr. Jun Kawato, Representative Director
Business locations Headquarter: Tokyo
Overseas: Victoria Resources, Kyrgyzstan
Main Business Import and wholesale of photovoltaic panels, racks and power conditioners
Investment in Kopel Plus Toddler school
Main banks
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. Hongo Branch
  • The Higashi-Nippon Bank Ltd., Iidabashi Branch
  • Resona Bank Ltd., , Kanda Branch
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd., Shinjuku-Chuo Branch
Major clients
  • Antai Solar
  • Diamond Electric Holdings
  • Sugimoto Electric Industry Co.
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.


2006 Establishment of UMC Corporation (import and wholesale of rare metals).
2012 Full-scale import and wholesale of photovoltaic components
2014 Head office relocated from Jowa Hongo Building to Verdi Hongo
2016 Four in-house solar power plants are in operation
2018 Started the Kopel Plus preschool business
2020 Three additional in-house solar power plants begin operations
2021 Expansion of the Kopel Plus toddler school business to six schools
2022 Five additional in-house solar power plants begin operations
2022 Established Kyrgyzstan subsidiary, Victoria Resources

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